The Luthuli Legacy Walk & Fun Run is an annual com­memorative event organized by the Luthuli Museum. The event is aimed at commemorating the passing of Chief Albert Luthuli on 21 July 1967. It takes place during the month of July to coincide with the date of his death.

The Luthuli Legacy Walk follows the footsteps of Chief Albert Luthuli’s final walk to the railway bridge where he was allegedly hit by train thus leading to his untimely death. The Fun Run links significant sites linked to Chief Albert Luthuli, which are the Nonhlevu shop and Luthuli Museum.

The Inaugural event took place on 23 July 2016, where over 500 people participated. The Walk & Fun Run was founded by Mr. Zakhele Gumede and later adopted as one of the flagship programs of the Luthuli Museum’s annual event calendar.

In 2017, The Walk was held in commemoration of 50th anniversary of the death of Chief Albert Luthuli.

The Walk starts at the Luthuli Museum at Nokukhanya Luthuli Street to the Memorial Site returning via Chief Albert Luthuli’s gravesite at the Groutville United Congregational Church and then concludes at the Groutville Sports Ground. The route of the Walk is 11,5 KM altogether.

Along the route is the Aldinville Primary School, where Chief Luthuli started schooling. Next to it is the King Shaka Observation Rock where King Shaka used to sit and watch his warriors like the Hlomendlini regiment drilling. He also used to enjoy watching his cattle in Shaka’s Kraal. The Charlotedale level crossing and railway station is also one of significant sites.

In 2018, the Luthuli Legacy Fun Run started at Chief Albert Luthuli’s Statue on Chief Albert Luthuli Street in KwaDukuza. It went southwards on R102 where there was a slight detour to get participants of Fun Run past the site of the Gledhow Sugar Company. The route passed the Nonhlevu Store that was established by Chief Albert Luthuli in order to provide a steady income for his family.

A new element to the Luthuli Legacy Walk & Fun Run was introduced in 2018 that being the Aerobics Warm-up Session in the morning and a Cool-down Session after the Walk & Fun Run in order to further promote the importance of exercise and healthy living. An aerobics instructor from the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Sports & Recreation facilitated these sessions. The inclusion of aerobics has become a standard feature.

The Walk continues to grow from strength to strength each year with various elements added to make it bigger and interesting in order to attract more participants.

The Walk also encompasses a variety of activities that form part of the program at the Luthuli Museum to celebrate Luthuli Week. This includes activities such as poetry, chess, a Golf Day, and since Mandela Day falls within the Luthuli Week – the Day is commemorated by participating in a good cause chosen in association with KwaDukuza Municipality.


Chief Albert Luthuli’s Legacy is that of a society that is united in the quest for non-racialism; social justice; human equality; peace and prosperity for all.

The objectives therefore are to;

  • Use the Luthuli Walk & Fun Run as a sporting event to highlight our history and heritage towards driving tourism development in Groutville as well as the region at large.
  • Promote nation building and social cohesion through sport
  • Promote personal well-being and a healthy lifestyle
  • Promote the geographic spread of tourism in the region, enhance investment opportunities & SMME en­trepreneurship opportunities
  • The intention is to enrich visitor experience and increase spend within the District.